• Beautiful polished, plain Sterling Silver collar necklace. These are perfect for hanging any pendant on and are so comfortable!  Approximately 3mm wide so will accommodate most any pendant or charm. Open in the back, so will fit most neck sizes. Very versatile, will go with anything!
  • Polished Sterling Silver Collar perfect for hanging pendants! This fits on the neck nicely or will also fit around turtlenecks for winter wear. A great conversation piece, it's shaped like a backwards question mark, hence the name. Fits most necks as it's open so you just slip it around your neck, and go. This is one of our most popular collars, and is hard to keep in stock. You will wear this again and again!
  • Where else can you find collars like this? This is all Sterling Silver, a V shaped collar with waves along the sides. Open in the back, so this will fit most any neck. Just slide your pendant onto this collar and you are ready to go! It's a slim one, about 2-3mm wide, so will accommodate most any pendant or charm. You will love this!
  • Wonderful and different, this Sterling Silver Collar sports a very fine twist to it. It is approximately 2 mm wide, so is a very fine size that will accommodate most any pendant or charm. Open in the back, so will fit most necks. Very different, you do not find these very often, so grab one while we have them! Can be worn every day, with pendants or it's even beautiful all by itself!
  • Beautiful tumbled Sodalite gemstones highlight this gorgeous 3 strand beaded necklace.  There are also 3 large Sterling Silver beads in this piece.  Beautiful blue color that goes well with denim or a pretty white shirt!  The shortest strand measures approximately 17" in length.  There is also a 2 inch extender on the back, so this will fit most any neckline.  Sterling Silver lobster clasp keeps your necklace secure.  This is a beautiful necklace and a great buy!
  • Looking for a piece of jewelry that will go with everything?? This is it! Triple strand Sterling Silver chain necklace with beautiful Baroque Pearls interspersed throughout! The longest strand is 21" in length and has 7 pearls on it. The shortest strand is approximately 17" in length and has 5 pearls. There is also a 2" extender on the back of this necklace, so it can be worn even longer if you want! Talk about versatility! These beautiful pearls are a creamy white with some shades of light pink and light silver. This is just a really great piece at a stunning price! You would pay that for ONE pearl elsewhere! Grab it before it's gone as there is likely to never be another!
  • Stunning and so unique, this 2 strand beaded necklace features long spikes of Botswana Agate and gorgeous copper/chocolate Freshwater Pearls! The Agates have swirls of brown, reddish-brown,gray,white and black. They are fabulous! The longest spike is 2" in the center and they graduate up the sides of the neck. Gorgeous coppery/chocolate pearls separate the Agates. Necklace measures 16-17" in length, but the drop on the spikes makes it longer. Finishing off this wonderfully unique piece is a toggle clasp inlaid with the same wonderful Agate. Truly gorgeous and a real show stopper. You will garner much attention in this one!
  • I just love this delicate necklace made of beautiful faceted teardrop shaped Jasper stones! So, so feminine and downright pretty, this necklace is artisan designed and all hand beaded with rarely seen Jasper stones and Sterling Silver. It is so hard to find stones like these and this color is seldom seen! This necklace measures approximately 18" in length. The longest piece of Jasper is approximately 1 1/2". Finished off with a beautiful Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp. Matching earrings are included. Super beautiful and so delicate! You will love it!
  • How fabulous are these beautiful Baroque Pearls? This is a 17" strand of these beauties. They are DOUBLE pearls, meaning there are 2 pearls in one. You just hardly EVER see these! So very rare and unique. There is also a 2" extender on the back, so they will fit most any neck. The pearls are a creamy white and just gorgeous! They are hand knotted onto silk with a lobster claw clasp on the back and the Sterling Silver extender. The price on these is the price you would pay for ONE pearl elsewhere! I am not kidding! I also have the single baroque pearl necklaces, so if you want one of those, just call. Grab these while I have them in stock, because this is something I can probably never get again!
  • Another super rare find is this necklace made from beautiful dark aqua blue Apatite! Most people have not heard of Apatite and with good reason! It is hard to find and really hard to cut because as rocks go, this one is pretty soft. The color in this is just such a deep aqua color! The stones are flat and rounded on the bottom. Because they are flat, they lay so nicely on the neck. This necklace measures approximately 17" in length. The longest piece of stone is a little over 1 inch. This is artisan designed and hand beaded using Bali Sterling Silver spacer beads in between. It is finished off with a Kyanite Inlaid Sterling Silver box clasp. Very, very feminine and just super unique!
  • Pictures really don't do justice to this fabulous 3 strand hand beaded necklace featuring beautiful Oregon Sunstone, pink Jasper hearts and copper colored Freshwater Pearls!  Sunstone is a relatively new stone from my  home state of Oregon.  It has fascinating schiller to it and shows streaks that look like sunshine running through it!  In addition, I've used some darling pink Jasper heart shaped beads, along with coppery colored Freshwater Pearls.  Some of the pearls exhibit a star shape to them.   Sterling Silver spacer beads are used in between.  This is a longer necklace, with the longest strand being approximately 31" in length.  A gorgeous matching inlaid toggle clasp completes this beautiful peachy, coppery colored piece!  Comes with matching earrings!  Better buy it today before I decide not to part with it!  It's gorgeous!!
  • Visions of love and roses come to mind when you gaze upon this gorgeous triple strand hand beaded necklace! Made of carats and carats of Rose Quartz, Abalone and Sterling Silver beads, this one is just beautiful! The colors in the abalone are heightened by the Rose Quartz. Artisan designed and all hand beaded. Definitely one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated! Comes with matching earrings! Length is between 17-19 1/2". Finished off with a gorgeous Abalone inlaid clasp! A real treasure!
  • Hessonite Garnet beads are so hard to find and these are especially wonderful! They have a very light titanium coating on them to give them an extra splash of color and shine! Hessonite Garnet is also called the Cinnamon Stone, for it's unique color. And yes, it's a natural Garnet. The most well known hessonite deposits are in Sri Lanka but hessonite is also mined in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania and the United States. This beautiful strand measures approximately 18" in length. The gorgeous nuggets are faceted, again giving them lots of sparkle and shine! Wonderful Bali Sterling Silver spacer beads and also a gorgeous Sterling Silver clasp that is inlaid with Carnelian finish off this piece. Topping it all off is the beautiful cinnamon colored Druzy pendant! This necklace is just fabulous! Artisan designed and all handmade. Of course, it's a one-of-a-kind and will never be repeated! Get it today, you will love it!
  • This is an Etania original necklace, designed and handmade by Etania Gems & Jewelry!  This gorgeous necklace features 33 Aquamarine faceted cabochons!  Each cabochon is faceted on top, so it has nice sparkle to it.  This is rough cut aquamarine, so the stones are not clear, like you might be accustomed to seeing in Aquamarine.  Each cabochon is separated by a small Sterling Silver spacer bead. The clasp is a beautiful Sterling Silver toggle with a small Aquamarine set into it.  The necklace is approximately 18-18 1/2" in length.  If you love Aquamarine, this is your necklace!
  • Absolutely stunning necklace consisting of 5 strands of gorgeous Labradorite! The stones are faceted and display gorgeous adularessence, which is what this stone is so well known for. Sterling silver spacer beads, as well as a gorgeous sterling silver clasp. This necklace is 18" in length and will go with absolutely everything, as the stones pick up all the different colors of the rainbow. This is all handmade and a true artisan piece. A gorgeous neck piece you will adore!
  • Absolutely stunning triple strand necklace featuring 10-12 mm gold and white Shell Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Ruby Quartz and Sterling Silver spacer beads. This piece is classy, elegant and unique. Highlighting the necklace is a highly unusual Blister Pearl pendant topped off with a genuine Ruby! I have never seen another Blister Pearl in such an unusual shape and size. Each of the stones is handset into top quality .925 Sterling Silver. The pendant alone measures almost 4" in length! The Sterling Silver spacer beads used are highly detailed and intricate. Look at the detail work on those pieces of silver! The shortest strand on the pearls measures 18". The longest strand is 20". Finishing off this gorgeous necklace is a fabulous Sterling Silver box clasp that has a flower design with 6 Rubies! This is definitely a one of a kind piece that you wil cherish for years to come!
  • Gorgeous necklace featuring all natural Amber cabochons and beautiful white Freshwater Pearls hand set into .925 Sterling Silver. This necklace is truly a showpiece. The center stone alone is almost 1" in length. There are 8 gorgeous pieces of Amber, complimented by 8 beautiful pearls. An outstanding combination that can easily be worn with jeans or would look fabulous with cocktail attire. Necklace measures 16.5" in length and has a 1" extender. It is finished in the back with a fabulous Sterling Silver chain, so you can easily adjust this to whatever length you like, making it very versatile. If you like Amber, you will adore this treasure!
  • Like a longer necklace? This one is for you! Just a rhapsody in blue, this gorgeous necklace is all hand beaded, artisan designed and definitely one-of-a-kind! The stones in this necklace are all natural Aquamarines and Kyanites with a stunning Spirit Quartz and Blue Topaz pendant dangling! Exceptionally detailed Sterling Silver spacer hearts and round beads are also used. Look at the detail on those! Necklace measures 28" in length. The pendant is approximately 2 1/2" long. Small Blue Topaz stone on the bale...just gorgeous! This is finished off with a gorgeous Sterling Silver Toggle clasp. If blue is your color, this one is for you! Adorable and unique! You will love it!
  • Do you love Lapis? If so, then you will LOVE this piece! Gorgeous teardrop shaped Lapis beads, that are faceted! Impossible to find but we did! The facets gives off a beautiful shine, so these beads are not dull like a lot of Lapis. In addition, they have this wonderful pyrite matrix running through them. We paired them with some faceted pyrite beads in between, and what you have is magic! Finished off with an absolutely gorgeous lapis inlay sterling silver toggle clasp! This piece is elegant, feminine and fascinating! Measures approximately 18" in length. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  • Spellbound

    This is one of my all time favorite pieces that I've made! Handmade, artisan designed and simply spellbinding! This 3 strand beaded necklace features Green Turquoise combined with Smoky Quartz and Sterling Silver spacer beads. The colors blend so well together, they are just perfect! The beautiful focal piece is a gorgeous single stone pendant of the Green Turquoise. It has beautiful brownish matrix running through it, which makes the Smoky Quartz blend just beautifully with the green! It is finished off with a Turquoise inlaid clasp that matches perfectly! The necklace measures approximately 17 1/2" on the shortest strand to approximately 21" on the longer strand (not counting the pendant). It is a perfect length for most any neckline and is just a stunning statement piece! Comes with matching earrings. I do have a matching bracelet also. If you are interested, please inquire.
  • Beautiful double strand Turquoise necklace made with bird shaped fetish beads and Heshi beads. This piece is Native American made and just stunning! It has 44 hand carved birds on it. You just don't find these pieces very often anymore!
  • Fantastic and unique, this artisan designed necklace is just a wonder! The golden brown Druzy Quartz pieces remind me of the desert on a sparkling sunny day! There are 11 charms or pendant sized pieces dangling from a string of Peridot beads. The stones used include Peridot, Green Amethyst and Druzy Quartz. It measures approximately 17" in length with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp. An extender could easily be added if you wanted more length. If you love green, this is for you!
  • Fantastic Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver necklace featuring Black Onyx and Freshwater Pearls! It is gorgeous and such a great combination! This will go with absolutely anything! Each one of these beautiful stones is hand bezeled into .925 Sterling Silver. They are then joined together on the back with small loops. This gives the piece movement and it lays so nicely on your neck! It measures approximately 18" in length. It is semi-adjustable with small loops on the back so you can wear it higher or lower on your neck. Wear this with jeans or dress it up, it is so versatile! We do have matching earrings and a bracelet at the moment, so ask about those too! You will wear this again and again!
  • Pink elegance, indeed in this beaded triple strand necklace of beautiful Rhodonite, Black Onyx and finely detailed Sterling Silver. Pink and black is such a great combination. This piece generates thoughts of royalty to me! This is artisan crafted and all hand made. All stones are natural gemstones. The Sterling Silver is the finest Thai silver available. The clasp is a matching inlaid clasp. It is also a great length, that can be worn with turtlenecks or an open collared shirt. Longest strand is 22", shortest strand is 18" in length. Absolutely gorgeous and of course, one-of-a-kind! Comes with matching earrings too! Very versatile. Wear it to work with a black suit or out on the town. It will be a staple in your wardrobe! Rhodonite is named after the Greek word for Rose: Rhodon. It is a gemstone said to promote love, relaxation and a sense of well being. Rhodonite is found in various place. The largest deposits include: Russia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil as well as New Jersey and Massachusetts.
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