• If you love the blue, this one is for you!  This piece is just amazing!  This is an artisan, one-of-a-kind piece of Blue Agate, Kyanite and White Topaz.  Each stone is hand beveled and hand set into .925 Sterling Silver.  The White Topaz stones are set inside the Agates.  These little Agate geodes are just beautiful with little crystals inside.  This necklace can be adjusted to fit your neckline, as there are plenty of loops on the back of it, so you can wear it with different outfits.  It can be worn with jeans and looks great or you can dress this one up and wear it for a night on the town.  It is so versatile!  We love it.  We do  have a matching bracelet also.  I will try to list it soon, but if it's not listed, just call me.  Don't pass up this piece, you will forever regret it!
  • Where else can you find collars like this? This is all Sterling Silver, a V shaped collar with waves along the sides. Open in the back, so this will fit most any neck. Just slide your pendant onto this collar and you are ready to go! It's a slim one, about 2-3mm wide, so will accommodate most any pendant or charm. You will love this!
  • Visions of love and roses come to mind when you gaze upon this gorgeous triple strand hand beaded necklace! Made of carats and carats of Rose Quartz, Abalone and Sterling Silver beads, this one is just beautiful! The colors in the abalone are heightened by the Rose Quartz. Artisan designed and all hand beaded. Definitely one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated! Comes with matching earrings! Length is between 17-19 1/2". Finished off with a gorgeous Abalone inlaid clasp! A real treasure!
  • Want a Turquoise necklace that will WOW everyone that sees it?  This is your piece!  Fascinating medley of shapes and sizes in this Turquoise, artisan designed, Sterling Silver necklace.  Each piece is hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  The stones are joined on the back with small loops, so this piece lays perfectly on your neck.  It is adjustable with a number of loops on the back, so you can adjust this to your neckline.  Whatever you wear this with from jeans to a little black dress, it will wow the room!
  • Beautiful double strand Turquoise necklace made with bird shaped fetish beads and Heshi beads. This piece is Native American made and just stunning! It has 44 hand carved birds on it. You just don't find these pieces very often anymore!
  • Absolutely stunning artisan designed necklace featuring gorgeous Robin's Egg Blue Turquoise stones highlighted with Blue Topaz. The Turquoise is reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The Blue Topaz adds an elegant feel to this already stunning piece! Each stone is hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver. They are joined on the back with small loops, which gives this piece flexibility so it lays nicely on your neck. It has a large toggle clasp and can be adjusted up or down to fit your neckline. Absolutely stunning!
  • Beautiful and so unique, this artisan designed necklace is just a dream! It features 5 gorgeous pieces of Turquoise combined with Druzy Quartz, Ammonites, Freshwater Pearls and Crystal Quartz. All handset into .925 Sterling Silver. This Turquoise is just such a beautiful color and has beautiful brownish veining in it, which goes perfectly with the Druzy Quartz an Ammonites. There are even some brown pearls scattered throughout. Just a fabulous, unique piece that will certainly attract lots of attention to whomever is fortunate enough to own and wear this!
  • This necklace reminds me of the amber waves of grain. Beautiful faceted Citrine multi-gemstone necklace features 44 amazing stones of the most beautiful amber yellow color you've ever seen. Lots of sparkle due to each stone being faceted. Each stone is then hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver. They are joined together on the backside with small loops, giving this piece lots of flexibillity so that it lays perfectly on the neck. Large toggle clasp. This piece can be adjusted up or down to fit your neckline. You will get many compliments on this gorgeous necklace!  We do have matching earrings and bracelet for this necklace, so be sure to ask for those if they are not posted.
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