• It is so very rare to find this stone, Chrome Diopside, in cabochon form.  This is only the 2nd time I have ever seen these in bead form.  I sold the other necklace to a very good customer!  So, grab this while I have it!  Chrome Diopside is a stone that is not very common.  It is mined in one place, Siberia, and they can only mine it a few months of the year due to the extreme weather conditions.  It is usually faceted and the beautiful green color rivals Emerald.  This gorgeous necklace features 26 gorgeous Chrome Diopside cabochons!  There is a Sterling Silver spacer in between each cabochon.  It is 19" in length and has a Sterling toggle clasp.  This is an artisan designed, handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace,  It is so stunning and there will never be another!
  • Want a Turquoise necklace that will WOW everyone that sees it?  This is your piece!  Fascinating medley of shapes and sizes in this Turquoise, artisan designed, Sterling Silver necklace.  Each piece is hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  The stones are joined on the back with small loops, so this piece lays perfectly on your neck.  It is adjustable with a number of loops on the back, so you can adjust this to your neckline.  Whatever you wear this with from jeans to a little black dress, it will wow the room!
  • Beautiful and so unique, this artisan designed necklace is just a dream! It features 5 gorgeous pieces of Turquoise combined with Druzy Quartz, Ammonites, Freshwater Pearls and Crystal Quartz. All handset into .925 Sterling Silver. This Turquoise is just such a beautiful color and has beautiful brownish veining in it, which goes perfectly with the Druzy Quartz an Ammonites. There are even some brown pearls scattered throughout. Just a fabulous, unique piece that will certainly attract lots of attention to whomever is fortunate enough to own and wear this!
  • Do you love teal?  Then you will LOVE this fascinating multi-gemstone necklace!  This is not Turquoise, although it looks a lot like Turquoise.  This is a stone called Shattuckite!  Shattuckite was first found in Bisbee, Arizona, where they mine copper.  It is a cousin of Azurite and Malachite.  Also included in this amazing piece are some Kyanite and Blue Topaz stones.  Each of these stones are individually hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  They are joined on the back with small Silver loops.  This gives the piece lots of flexibility and movement and it lays so nicely on your neck.  There are multiple loops on the back, so you can adjust this to your neckline.  Wear it with jeans or dress it up.  Either way, it is fabulous and one-of-a-kind!
  • Ammolite is a rare, iridescent, gem-quality material cut from the fossilized shells of extinct sea creatures. Found only in the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, this organic gemstone has a dazzling range of colors and patterns and is somewhat rare. This necklace features 29 fabulous cabochons of Ammolite. In between each Ammolite are gorgeous Ethiopian Opal beads. This is an Etania Gems original and is approximately 17" in length. It is finished off with a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp with beautiful opals on each end of the toggle. Just an amazing, one-of-a-kind piece that will never be repeated!
  • Absolutely stunning Multi-gemstone necklace featuring Fossilized Peanut Wood, Smoky Quartz and Freshwater Pearls. Each stone is handset and hand bezeled into .925 Sterling Silver. They are joined on the back with small loops. This gives the piece flexibility so that it lays beautifully on your neck. It has a large toggle clasp and multiple loops on the back, which makes it adjustable to your neckline. Gorgeous neutral coloring in this piece! You can wear this with almost anything. Artisan designed and definitely one-of-a-kind. You will fall in love with this one!
  • Green with envy!  That is what all your friends will be when you wear this stunning necklace!  This is a multi-stone necklace featuring Green Mojave Turquoise.  It is definitely a show stopper and one-of-a-kind! Each one of these stones is hand-bezeled in .925 Sterling Silver and then joined on the back with a small Sterling Silver loop. This gives the piece flexibility so that it lays nicely on your neck.  It measures approximately 21" in length and has a lobster clasp.  There are six large rings on the back so you can adjust the length on this to fit your neckline.  Can you imagine this on a black dress?  Absolutely gorgeous!
  • This is a beautiful Sterling Silver and White Buffalo Stone necklace and earring set.  This is Native American made by artist, Thomas Francisco, Navajo.  White Buffalo is often referred to as White Buffalo Turquoise, but in fact, it is it's own stone.  It comes from Northeastern Arizona.  It is a white stone with black flecks or matrix running through it.  This necklace has 7 stones, each is handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  The settings are done in traditional Native American style.  The rest of the necklace is done in Sterling Silver beads.  It is finished off with a lobster clasp.  There is an extender on the back.  This measures approximately 16 1/2" but extends out to 19" in length.  There are matching earrings that come with this set.  Just a gorgeous set that you will wear again and again!
  • Wow!  That is what everyone will say when you wear this fabulous, artisan designed, handmade .925 Sterling Silver Moonstone statement necklace.  Beautiful blue color emanates from each one of these gorgeous Moonstone stones.  There are all shapes and sizes and too many to count!  This is not for the timid!  This makes a BIG statement!  This necklace is over 6" wide and approximately 17" long, but has an extender on it, so it will extend to approximately 22".  Each piece is joined together on the back with small Sterling Silver loops, allowing it to lay flat on your neck.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece that will garner you much attention!
  • Absolutely stunning artisan designed necklace featuring gorgeous Robin's Egg Blue Turquoise stones highlighted with Blue Topaz. The Turquoise is reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The Blue Topaz adds an elegant feel to this already stunning piece! Each stone is hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver. They are joined on the back with small loops, which gives this piece flexibility so it lays nicely on your neck. It has a large toggle clasp and can be adjusted up or down to fit your neckline. Absolutely stunning!
  • This stunning necklace is hard to describe because it is so very unique and awesome! Made of the fossil, Orthoceras, this necklace is something you will probably not ever see again. Orthoceras is a fossil, over 400 million years old. It is extinct, but related to the squid. Orthoceras have been found in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Each of these fossils (there are 32 of them) have been hand bezeled into .925 Sterling Silver, then joined on the back to make a rather large, bib type necklace. It measures 24" in length, but the silver loops on the back make it adjustable, so you can wear it shorter. The longest Orthoceras in the middle is over 2 1/2" long. It is as fascinating as it is different. Truly a unique statement piece that you will be proud to own!
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