• Green with envy!  That is what all your friends will be when you wear this stunning necklace!  This is a multi-stone necklace featuring Green Mojave Turquoise.  It is definitely a show stopper and one-of-a-kind! Each one of these stones is hand-bezeled in .925 Sterling Silver and then joined on the back with a small Sterling Silver loop. This gives the piece flexibility so that it lays nicely on your neck.  It measures approximately 21" in length and has a lobster clasp.  There are six large rings on the back so you can adjust the length on this to fit your neckline.  Can you imagine this on a black dress?  Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Fantastic and unique, this artisan designed necklace is just a wonder! The golden brown Druzy Quartz pieces remind me of the desert on a sparkling sunny day! There are 11 charms or pendant sized pieces dangling from a string of Peridot beads. The stones used include Peridot, Green Amethyst and Druzy Quartz. It measures approximately 17" in length with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp. An extender could easily be added if you wanted more length. If you love green, this is for you!
  • It is so very rare to find this stone, Chrome Diopside, in cabochon form.  This is only the 2nd time I have ever seen these in bead form.  I sold the other necklace to a very good customer!  So, grab this while I have it!  Chrome Diopside is a stone that is not very common.  It is mined in one place, Siberia, and they can only mine it a few months of the year due to the extreme weather conditions.  It is usually faceted and the beautiful green color rivals Emerald.  This gorgeous necklace features 26 gorgeous Chrome Diopside cabochons!  There is a Sterling Silver spacer in between each cabochon.  It is 19" in length and has a Sterling toggle clasp.  This is an artisan designed, handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace,  It is so stunning and there will never be another!
  • Unique and so rare this necklace is made of Schalenblende and Pyrite. I have never seen another string of these cabochons, that is how unique this piece is! This material came from Poland. It is almost a buttery cream color with the most gorgeous striations of gold colored ore running through it. I have put some faceted pyrite beads in between as this complements the gold color so well. If you like the unusual, this piece is for you! It is finished off with an unusual box clasp of matching material. This will go with almost anything because it is so neutral in color. It measures approximately 18" in length. Perfect to wear for fall or anytime! Definitely a stunning piece and there will never be another one!
  • Do you love teal?  Then you will LOVE this fascinating multi-gemstone necklace!  This is not Turquoise, although it looks a lot like Turquoise.  This is a stone called Shattuckite!  Shattuckite was first found in Bisbee, Arizona, where they mine copper.  It is a cousin of Azurite and Malachite.  Also included in this amazing piece are some Kyanite and Blue Topaz stones.  Each of these stones are individually hand bezeled and handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  They are joined on the back with small Silver loops.  This gives the piece lots of flexibility and movement and it lays so nicely on your neck.  There are multiple loops on the back, so you can adjust this to your neckline.  Wear it with jeans or dress it up.  Either way, it is fabulous and one-of-a-kind!
  • How fabulous are these beautiful Baroque Pearls? This is a 17" strand of these beauties. They are DOUBLE pearls, meaning there are 2 pearls in one. You just hardly EVER see these! So very rare and unique. There is also a 2" extender on the back, so they will fit most any neck. The pearls are a creamy white and just gorgeous! They are hand knotted onto silk with a lobster claw clasp on the back and the Sterling Silver extender. The price on these is the price you would pay for ONE pearl elsewhere! I am not kidding! I also have the single baroque pearl necklaces, so if you want one of those, just call. Grab these while I have them in stock, because this is something I can probably never get again!
  • I just love this delicate necklace made of beautiful faceted teardrop shaped Jasper stones! So, so feminine and downright pretty, this necklace is artisan designed and all hand beaded with rarely seen Jasper stones and Sterling Silver. It is so hard to find stones like these and this color is seldom seen! This necklace measures approximately 18" in length. The longest piece of Jasper is approximately 1 1/2". Finished off with a beautiful Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp. Matching earrings are included. Super beautiful and so delicate! You will love it!
  • Absolutely stunning piece of Rose Quartz Druzy, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Freshwater Pearl and Ametrine! The large center faceted stone is actually an AMETRINE. If you know your gems, you will know how unusual and difficult it is to get an Ametrine in this size these days! The other faceted stones are Rose Quartz and they are large stones also! Rainbow Moonstone cabochons, pink freshwater pearls and Rose Quartz Druzys complete the gems in this piece. The workmanship in this piece is just amazing! Each piece is individually handset into top quality Sterling Silver. It is 17" in length and finished off with a Sterling Silver chain and toggle clasp that lets you adjust the length! Wear it shorter or longer! I do have matching pieces to this, they are just not on the website yet, so if you are interested in this, email me for the matching bracelet and earrings! What a wonderful gift to give someone to honor them for Breast Cancer Awareness! Pink is the color for survivors and any woman would just be in awe to wear this!
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