• Fabulous bubble gum pink Druzy Quartz pendant! Set into top quality .925 Sterling Silver, this pendant sparkles and shines! It has an opalessence to it, as well as the gorgeous sparkles of the Druzy! Gorgeous pink color! Approximately 2" long by 1" wide, it's the perfect size to wear with anything! Medium sized bale will fit onto most collars, chains or smaller Omegas. You will love it! Check out the matching earrings, #500023 and bracelet #400077!
  • How unique and gorgeous is this beautiful pendant?  It features Amethyst, Blue Topaz and a unique Amethyst Stalactite stone.  Each piece is unique, of course, because it comes from Mother Nature!  The Amethyst stones are a lighter color to match the Stalactite.  They have a checkerboard cut on them for maximum sparkle!  Each stone is handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  This unique pendant measures approximately 3 1/4" in length.  It has a medium sized bale, so will accommodate most chains or collars.  Wear this unique piece and you will be the envy of all your friends!
  • This pendant is very striking and definitely one-of-a-kind!  It is not for the timid, as it is a large pendant, measuring approximately 4 1/4" tall by 2"wide.  This stunning piece features a light purple Agate, a beautiful Druzy Quartz and dark purple Amethyst.  All handset into .925 Sterling Silver, this one will definitely turn heads!
  • Absolutely incredible Druzy Quartz Pendant featuring a rainbow of colors! From teal to blue to purple to pink to gold this pendant has it all! Just a fascinating piece of nature to begin with, this piece of Druzy Quartz is a rosette type stone that has been enhanced with a titanium coating to give it those amazing colors! This is a permanent coating that bonds to the stone. It is set into .925 Sterling Silver. The pendant measures approximately 2 3/4" in length by 1 1/2" wide, so it is a fairly large piece. It shimmers and shines and will just dazzle you! Each of these is a unique gift from Mother Nature, so no two are ever alike. You will not regret purchasing this unique piece. In fact, I think you will regret it if you DON'T buy it! Simply fabulous!
  • Doesn't this stone look like a painting of plants or flowers? That is the beauty of Dendritic Agate! This stone is easily distinguished by its distinct tree or fern-like markings known as 'dendrites', which are most often brown to black in color. Each one is unique and amazing in it's natural state! These stones are found in a number of locations from Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay and the USA. Topping off that unusual stone is a gorgeous faceted Citrine. These are, of course, set into .925 Sterling Silver. This pendant measures approximately 2" in length. It is sure to be a favorite!
  • This beautiful Mabe Pearl, Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant is so gorgeous and unique!  This is artisan crafted and definitely one-of-a-kind!  It measures approximately 2 1/4" long.  It has a medium sized bale, so will fit most chains or collars, as long as they are not too wide.  This is just such a classy piece.  You will get many compliments on this one!
  • This beautiful aqua colored Titanium Druzy Quartz pendant reminds me of the shimmer of the waves in the sea. It is the prettiest aqua blue color with amazing sparkle! This is a window Druzy, so shows off those beautiful sparkles in the center of the stone rather than covering the whole thing. A titanium coating that permanently bonds to the stone gives it that amazing color. This pendant measures approximately 2" long by 1" across. This gorgeous stone is hand set into .925 Sterling Silver! Just an amazing piece that will remind you of a beautiful day at the beach!
  • Snow Drift

    I called this one Snow Drift because it reminds me of how snow looks when it sparkles with the sun on it! This is another incredible piece of Chalcedony Druzy Quartz cut into a teardrop shape. You cannot believe how this one sparkles in the sunlight! It takes on almost a whitish/silver color and also exhibits some blues and greens. It measures approximately 2 3/4" in length X 1 1/4" wide. Of course, it is handset into .925 Sterling Silver. Another amazing gift from Mother Nature! It looks like you scooped up some snow and set it into this gorgeous pendant!
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