• This is an Etania original necklace, designed and handmade by Etania Gems & Jewelry!  This gorgeous necklace features 33 Aquamarine faceted cabochons!  Each cabochon is faceted on top, so it has nice sparkle to it.  This is rough cut aquamarine, so the stones are not clear, like you might be accustomed to seeing in Aquamarine.  Each cabochon is separated by a small Sterling Silver spacer bead. The clasp is a beautiful Sterling Silver toggle with a small Aquamarine set into it.  The necklace is approximately 18-18 1/2" in length.  If you love Aquamarine, this is your necklace!
  • Unique and so rare this necklace is made of Schalenblende and Pyrite. I have never seen another string of these cabochons, that is how unique this piece is! This material came from Poland. It is almost a buttery cream color with the most gorgeous striations of gold colored ore running through it. I have put some faceted pyrite beads in between as this complements the gold color so well. If you like the unusual, this piece is for you! It is finished off with an unusual box clasp of matching material. This will go with almost anything because it is so neutral in color. It measures approximately 18" in length. Perfect to wear for fall or anytime! Definitely a stunning piece and there will never be another one!
  • It is so very rare to find this stone, Chrome Diopside, in cabochon form.  This is only the 2nd time I have ever seen these in bead form.  I sold the other necklace to a very good customer!  So, grab this while I have it!  Chrome Diopside is a stone that is not very common.  It is mined in one place, Siberia, and they can only mine it a few months of the year due to the extreme weather conditions.  It is usually faceted and the beautiful green color rivals Emerald.  This gorgeous necklace features 26 gorgeous Chrome Diopside cabochons!  There is a Sterling Silver spacer in between each cabochon.  It is 19" in length and has a Sterling toggle clasp.  This is an artisan designed, handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace,  It is so stunning and there will never be another!
  • Fabulous bracelet featuring eight Turquoise Cabochon stones! These stones are absolutely beautiful and have unique matrixing in them! Each is handset into .925 Sterling Silver. This bracelet will fit wrists between 5 1/2 to 7". Just a fabulous, very versatile piece that you will wear again and again!
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