• Fantastic bracelet featuring four large Chalcedony Druzy stones!  These are copper colored with shades of pink, yellow and even some green.  They just explode in the sunlight!  So unique, each one is a true gift from nature so you can be assured no two will ever be alike!  Each is handset into .925 Sterling Silver.  This gorgeous bracelet measures approximately 8" in length but will fit most wrists between 7-8" as it has loops on the end that make it semi-adjustable.  Wear it with anything!  It is amazing!!
  • I call this one Earth's Majesty because if ever there was a piece of Druzy Quartz more majestic than this one, I have yet to see it! The colors in this piece remind me of Aurora Borealis. This is created with a Titanium coating that is bonded to the stone and gives it those amazing colors! You see teal, pink, grey, and blue in this. It looks like the center of the Earth in the middle. It is just an amazing, unique piece. It measures approximately 2" long X 1 1/2" wide and set into .925 Sterling Silver. You will love this and get many, many compliments on this one!
  • Snow Drift

    I called this one Snow Drift because it reminds me of how snow looks when it sparkles with the sun on it! This is another incredible piece of Chalcedony Druzy Quartz cut into a teardrop shape. You cannot believe how this one sparkles in the sunlight! It takes on almost a whitish/silver color and also exhibits some blues and greens. It measures approximately 2 3/4" in length X 1 1/4" wide. Of course, it is handset into .925 Sterling Silver. Another amazing gift from Mother Nature! It looks like you scooped up some snow and set it into this gorgeous pendant!
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