• Just another very special piece that is so unique and different! This Sterling Silver pendant features a good size "chunk" of rough Turquoise accompanied by a faceted White Topaz and a "chunk" of copper below. The copper nugget and all the silver are covered in 18K Gold sheeting! It looks like a big gold nugget but it's far more affordable! You just do not see Turquoise in a gold setting very often, so this is for all you gold lovers out there! The pendant measures approximately 3" in length X 1" wide. It is just fantastic!
  • Love Pyrite?   We sure do and this bracelet is fantastic!  7 medium to large stones of gorgeous Pyrite crystals.  Each piece is handset into .925 Sterling Silver and just sparkles like gold!  Bracelet measures approximately 8 1/2" in length and will fit most wrists between 7-8 1/4".  It has loops on the end that make it adjustable!  Wear this with absolutely anything!  It can be dressed up or down and is so versatile!!  We have earrings and some fabulous necklaces that would go perfectly with this!
  • Sea Breeze

    Absolutely gorgeous multi-gemstone bracelet featuring 136 cts of beautiful Larimar! Larimar comes from one source, in the Dominican Republic and is getting more and more rare as the mine is not producing like it used to. It is harder and harder to find this quality material and to find 136 cts of this makes this just an amazing piece! In addition there are 15 cts of beautiful Blue Topaz and 8 cts of Titanium Quartz. Each piece is hand bezeled and hand set into top quality .925 Sterling Silver. In between the stones, the links are then covered in an 18K Gold Sheeting. WOW!! It measures 8" in length, but will fit wrists 7" and in between as there are loops that make it semi-adjustable. This gorgeous piece is of course, a one-of-a-kind treasure that we feel fortunate to be able to offer. Just a fantastic piece that is sure to garner much attention!
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