• Fantastic Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver necklace featuring Black Onyx and Freshwater Pearls! It is gorgeous and such a great combination! This will go with absolutely anything! Each one of these beautiful stones is hand bezeled into .925 Sterling Silver. They are then joined together on the back with small loops. This gives the piece movement and it lays so nicely on your neck! It measures approximately 18" in length. It is semi-adjustable with small loops on the back so you can wear it higher or lower on your neck. Wear this with jeans or dress it up, it is so versatile! We do have matching earrings and a bracelet at the moment, so ask about those too! You will wear this again and again!
  • Hessonite Garnet beads are so hard to find and these are especially wonderful! They have a very light titanium coating on them to give them an extra splash of color and shine! Hessonite Garnet is also called the Cinnamon Stone, for it's unique color. And yes, it's a natural Garnet. The most well known hessonite deposits are in Sri Lanka but hessonite is also mined in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania and the United States. This beautiful strand measures approximately 18" in length. The gorgeous nuggets are faceted, again giving them lots of sparkle and shine! Wonderful Bali Sterling Silver spacer beads and also a gorgeous Sterling Silver clasp that is inlaid with Carnelian finish off this piece. Topping it all off is the beautiful cinnamon colored Druzy pendant! This necklace is just fabulous! Artisan designed and all handmade. Of course, it's a one-of-a-kind and will never be repeated! Get it today, you will love it!
  • Do you love Lapis? If so, then you will LOVE this piece! Gorgeous teardrop shaped Lapis beads, that are faceted! Impossible to find but we did! The facets gives off a beautiful shine, so these beads are not dull like a lot of Lapis. In addition, they have this wonderful pyrite matrix running through them. We paired them with some faceted pyrite beads in between, and what you have is magic! Finished off with an absolutely gorgeous lapis inlay sterling silver toggle clasp! This piece is elegant, feminine and fascinating! Measures approximately 18" in length. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  • Pink elegance, indeed in this beaded triple strand necklace of beautiful Rhodonite, Black Onyx and finely detailed Sterling Silver. Pink and black is such a great combination. This piece generates thoughts of royalty to me! This is artisan crafted and all hand made. All stones are natural gemstones. The Sterling Silver is the finest Thai silver available. The clasp is a matching inlaid clasp. It is also a great length, that can be worn with turtlenecks or an open collared shirt. Longest strand is 22", shortest strand is 18" in length. Absolutely gorgeous and of course, one-of-a-kind! Comes with matching earrings too! Very versatile. Wear it to work with a black suit or out on the town. It will be a staple in your wardrobe! Rhodonite is named after the Greek word for Rose: Rhodon. It is a gemstone said to promote love, relaxation and a sense of well being. Rhodonite is found in various place. The largest deposits include: Russia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil as well as New Jersey and Massachusetts.
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