The name of this handbag is "Sophisticated Choice".  She is a leather, double cowboy boot handbag made from a pair of maroon and silver Roper Boots.  There is beautiful silver stitching on both sides of this bag.  The bottom of the bag is also leather and is hand laced onto the bag with leather lacing.  The straps are made of black horse reins material and are blinged with a matching pattern from the top of the bag.  She sports a large antique gold berry concho decorated with clear and iridescent Swarovski crystals.  The top of the bag is decorated with silver etched designer spots and large black cut crystal spots with smaller clear cut crystal spots.  The lining is a whimsical calico print that complements the color of the bag.  There are 2 large pockets for organizing all of your personal items.  To keep all of your personal items safely inside, there is a black leather crossover ending in a magnetic snap clasp.  Measurements are approximately:  11" x 11" x 2".  This bag is all handmade in Arizona.  The ladies that made this bag have retired, so there will never be another!  Get it while you can!