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Angel’s Wish


The angels wish they had this necklace to wear! It is just stunningly gorgeous! This is Angel Skin Branch Coral in it’s finest! Coral is now a protected species and they are no longer allowed to harvest it. This comes from old stock, so once this stock is used up, it will not be around any longer. The price of Coral has doubled in the last couple of years and we look for it to continue to do so. All that being said, if you love this, now is the time to get it, as it will soon be too expensive for anyone but the very wealthy! This necklace is just to die for! It is approximately 17″ in length. The longest piece of coral is 3″ long and tapers down to smaller pieces in the back. It is Angel Skin Coral, which is even rarer and features gorgeous hints of pinkish color throughout. In addition, this is finished off with a coral inlaid clasp that matches it beautifully!  You will not find this anywhere else at this price and probably not at all. Get it while you can, you will not be sorry!

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