• Do you like a large bag? This one is for you!! This is a large leather handmade satchel type handbag in 2 tone brown/cordovan leather. It has a Green Turquoise inlaid stone that is the focal point for the purse. This is the "everything" bag and it will hold everything! It measures approximately 15 X 22 X 5". All handmade in the finest and softest cowhide, this bag is your go-to bag! 2 over sized pockets on the outside. 3 pockets inside, including 1 zippered pocket. Fully lined with a snap clip for your keys. 22" double strap. Magnetic snap closure. Lifetime warranty on the workmanship of this bag. It is just a gorgeous over-sized bag that is sure to be your favorite for many years to come!
  • Ammolite is a rare, iridescent, gem-quality material cut from the fossilized shells of extinct sea creatures. Found only in the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, this organic gemstone has a dazzling range of colors and patterns and is somewhat rare. This necklace features 29 fabulous cabochons of Ammolite. In between each Ammolite are gorgeous Ethiopian Opal beads. This is an Etania Gems original and is approximately 17" in length. It is finished off with a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp with beautiful opals on each end of the toggle. Just an amazing, one-of-a-kind piece that will never be repeated!
  • Another super rare find is this necklace made from beautiful dark aqua blue Apatite! Most people have not heard of Apatite and with good reason! It is hard to find and really hard to cut because as rocks go, this one is pretty soft. The color in this is just such a deep aqua color! The stones are flat and rounded on the bottom. Because they are flat, they lay so nicely on the neck. This necklace measures approximately 17" in length. The longest piece of stone is a little over 1 inch. This is artisan designed and hand beaded using Bali Sterling Silver spacer beads in between. It is finished off with a Kyanite Inlaid Sterling Silver box clasp. Very, very feminine and just super unique!
  • Stunning Sterling Silver earrings featuring 2 beautiful blue Turquoise stones topped off with 2 pieces of Amber.  What a great combination that is so very different!  These measure approximately 2 1/2" long by 1" wide.  So, they are pretty substantial earrings.  Pair these with a beautiful white blouse in the summer and what a pretty outfit you will have!
  • Gorgeous necklace featuring all natural Amber cabochons and beautiful white Freshwater Pearls hand set into .925 Sterling Silver. This necklace is truly a showpiece. The center stone alone is almost 1" in length. There are 8 gorgeous pieces of Amber, complimented by 8 beautiful pearls. An outstanding combination that can easily be worn with jeans or would look fabulous with cocktail attire. Necklace measures 16.5" in length and has a 1" extender. It is finished in the back with a fabulous Sterling Silver chain, so you can easily adjust this to whatever length you like, making it very versatile. If you like Amber, you will adore this treasure!
  • Absolutely amazing and so unique, this .925 Sterling Silver pendant features a 35 carat Amethyst paired with a very unique Boulder Opal!   The Amethyst is faceted and just gorgeous!  Boulder Opals are a piece of rock that contains opal in seams or patches.  They are most commonly found in Australia.  This one has a lovely piece of lavender/purple opal in it.  This is a perfect pairing of two unique stones!  The pendant measures approximately 2 3/4" long x 1" wide.  There is also a little Freshwater Pearl off to the side.  A very unusual piece!
  • Absolutely stunning pendant featuring a large, faceted Amethyst gemstone paired with a luscious Mabe Pearl.  Sometimes called "Blister Pearl", this is the inside of the shell as it is forming a pearl.  This pendant is made out of .925 Sterling Silver and measures approximately 2 3/4" in length X approximately 1" wide.  It has a medium sized bale, so will accommodate most chains or collars.  Such a unique, artisan piece of jewelry!
  • This pendant is both distinctive and unusual.  It consists of a gorgeous faceted Green Amethyst gemstone paired with a Pyritized Ammonite.  The Ammonite is an actual fossil.  The organic matter of the fossil is replaced over the years with pyrite (fool's gold).  This is a naturally occurring process that takes millions of years to happen.  Each one is totally unique and so awesome!  This .925 Sterling Silver pendant measures approximately 3" in length X 1 1/2" wide, so this is a substantial piece.  It's just spectacular!
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